A Snowglobe Christmas: Yuletide Homecoming\A Family’s Christmas Wish by Linda Goodnight, Lissa Manley

A Snowglobe Christmas: Yuletide HomecomingA Family’s Christmas Wish by Linda Goodnight, Lissa Manley

Yuletide Homecoming by Linda GoodnightFive years ago, Rafe Westfield broke his fiancée’s heart when he left to join the military. Now the battle-scarred soldier is back in Snowglobe. Amy Caldwell tries to keep her distance, but the holidays, family and a sweet stray dog keep bringing her and Rafe together…maybe this time, forever.

A Family’s Christmas Wish by Lissa Manley

Abandoned by her husband when she was eight months pregnant, single mother Sara Kincaid vowed to rely only on herself. But then she makes a deal with handsome widowed father Owen Larsen to provide babysitting services in exchange for his carpentry work on her inn. Can two pint-size matchmakers help them see beyond the past in time for Christmas?

A Snowglobe Christmas: Yuletide Homecoming\A Family's Christmas WishA Snowglobe Christmas: Yuletide Homecoming\A Family’s Christmas Wish by Linda Goodnight

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a light, easy, feel good read. I’m partial to anything taking place in the Northwest, especially when the setting is a winter scene.

In the Yuletide coming, Linda Goodnight did a great job in distinguishing each character’s voice. This was probably one of my favorite books that has been able to do this with such great detail and it brought so much depth to the story. The pacing of the story was just right and the plot was interesting. It was cute, it was cuddly, sprinkled with romance and just enough tension between characters and tragedy to keep the book exciting.

I honestly don’t like reading about medical scenes and practices in books because I find myself critiquing the heck out of them. This book was no exception with depictions of obvious HIPPA violations that were used to develop reassurance within the plot. It wasn’t horribly distracting though but could have easily been avoided with this type of fictional writing without losing the suspense of emotion.

In A Family’s Christmas Wish, Lissa Manley did a great job establishing the characters from the get-go. I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple scenes. The sleigh ride, the lighting ceremony, the freshness and giddiness that was portrayed around the the elaborate Christmas season in Snowglobe.


“Whatever the case, as long as she kept her feelings firmly entrenched in the “like” category, she’d be fine. Anything less than complete emotional vigilance would be dangerous; Owen was leaving in a few weeks, end of story.” -Lissa Manley

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