Gale Force by Owen Laukkanen

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For all lovers of maritime adventure comes an electrifying thriller of treachery and peril on the high seas featuring a dynamic new heroine, from multi-award-nominated suspense star Owen Laukkanen.

In the high-stakes world of deep-sea salvage, an ocean disaster can mean a huge payoff–if you can survive the chase.

Gale ForceGale Force by Owen Laukkanen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved, loved, loved this book! Maritime reads are my absolute favorite and this book did not disappoint. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys seafaring adventure with a bit of a thrill.

The author Owen Laukkanen did an excellent job with character development. I was so grateful to learn that the romantic part of storyline was certainly present but did not overshadow the love of the sea and all the author has to offer with his credibility in writing about admiralty, navigation, and seamanship.


“At first, the stricken ship was just a smudge on the horizon, a formless mirage, visible only from the tops of the swells. As the Gale Force plowed closer, the smudge separated, and McKenna could see the Coast Guard cutter, stately and proud, and the Pacific Lion herself, a half-sunk bathtub toy on an enormous scale, ungainly and wallowing in an uneasy sea.”

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