Voltaire Candide, or Optimism by Voltaire

Candide is the story of a gentle man who, though pummeled and slapped in every direction by fate, clings desperately to the belief that he lives in “the best of all possible worlds.” On the surface a witty, bantering tale, this eighteenth-century classic is actually a savage, satiric thrust at the philosophical optimism that proclaims that all disaster and human suffering is part of a benevolent cosmic plan. Fast, funny, often outrageous, the French philosopher’s immortal narrative takes Candide around the world to discover that — contrary to the teachings of his distinguished tutor Dr. Pangloss — all is not always for the best. Alive with wit, brilliance, and graceful storytelling, Candide has become Voltaire’s most celebrated work.

CandideCandide by Voltaire

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hilarious and often silly, philosophical and exaggerated, a relic true to the interpersonal behavioral quirks of then and now.

Some bits were a bit of a bore to me, a little overly detailed for my taste, but I was glad to have read it anyway!

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