A Language I Wish I Could Speak


There are so many languages I wish I could speak. It’s hard to narrow it down to one.

I know English and Spanish the most. I’ve learned a bit of French.

I also learned Chichewa and Tumbuka.

Tumbuka Greetings

I know a few phrases in Korean. A few words in Japanese.

I would love to learn more languages.

One language I wish I could also speak is Greek.

Words in many languages have Greek etymology. I love knowing where words come from and the deeper meaning behind them.

Being one of the oldest languages, the Greek language is so rich and I’d love to have better understanding.

Would be amazing to know more of the roots that would serve me well in learning other languages too.

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What language do you wish you could speak?

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One response to “A Language I Wish I Could Speak”

  1. Briana Avatar

    I didn’t think of Greek, but you’re right, knowing some of the words behind the words we speak every day would be really cool.

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