Recipe developer, book reviewer, and artist. I love coffee, gardening, hiking, reading, crafting, baking, and photographing my journey along the way.

Let me tell you a story of how this website endeavor came to be…

Out of a moment of boredom and creativity following an injury, I decided it was time to share my creations in a way that is engaging and customizable.

I also wanted to challenge my technological skills. It has brought back fond memories of when my brother and I coded computer games on his Commodore 64. The process of entering pages of codes was so incredibly boring and time-consuming, but the end result was always worth the effort!

Book Nook | Erica Robbin


Do you love books? I love books! Let’s be friends!

My favorite genres are historical nonfiction and science fiction. I particularly enjoy books that set out to educate, as well as books that are highly entertaining through outlandishly adventurous storylines and satire. I love anything maritime. 

I am a Simon & Schuster Book Club Favorites Social Ambassador, part of the Penguin Random House Reader Insight Panel and First to Read Alumni, belong to several book clubs, review books on NetGalley, and collaborate on various projects with publishers, authors, and publicists.

I love connecting others to books and book discussions!

Notes from the Field

With that, my hope is that you enjoy my creative endeavors and join in on the community discussion, whether that’s finding your next favorite book, making a homemade card for someone, joining in one of the writing or photography challenges, trying a new recipe, or traveling somewhere you’ve never been.

If you have the desire to share content from my website I do ask that you give credit where it is due by using the sharing options provided.

Are you thinking about building upon your creative talents or wanting optimize your website and other social media platforms to share your creative endeavors and inspire others? I highly encourage you to do so! Visit my Resources page for my favorite inspirational and educational sites.

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I hope you have a lovely day!


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Erica Robbin