Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon (Agatha Raisin #16) by M.C. Beaton



Agatha Raisin, recent divorcée, hates adultery cases and pompous Robert Smedley, but needs work. Unfortunately Mabel appears the perfect young wife, a pretty church volunteer. Agatha stumbles across dead missing teen Jessica, and investigates free for publicity. When Smedley dies from poison, Mabel hires Agatha, who brings in old friends, new hires, and finds the killers.



Rating: 2 out of 5.

The Perfect Paragon by M.C. Beaton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Agatha continues with her own newly formed detective agency, taking on civil cases of divorce and missing pets, until this particular case. Introduces some fresh elements in the series. Definitely feels a bit different. Unfortunately was also a bit dark for me. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Penelope Keith, always enthusiastic and fun. Her Trixie and Fairy voices were hilarious.

The Story
As always, clever and funny, though a bit over the top at points in the sense that the story took on more darker turns over uneasy subject matter compared to the usual cozy mystery elements in this series. Less charming aspects toward the peculiar and gross, uncomfortable and grim. This was my least favorite book in the series so far. Leaving me to wonder how cozy can these types of mysteries be anyway? Which is always the question I suppose.

Aside, Agatha continues to lament over much musings and issues as she ages and coddles over the loves she finds, which I find super entertaining, along with the silly predicaments she finds herself in. The mix and intersection of being overly conscious yet not self aware at all.

The banter over tattoos, microwave meals, joining the circus, and Bill Wong’s family dinner scene was hilarious.

Trixie and Fairy, then there’s Mabel.

The Writing
Clever in how the main plot and subplots intertwined so seamlessly to also tell one cohesive story, keeping it interesting especially as new characters have been introduced.

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