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14 Baking and Party Hosting Tips

Perhaps you only bake once in a great while or it’s you first time hosting a get-together. Maybe you’re a star baker or a seasoned entertainer.

I love baking and hosting parties. Even as a little girl, I enjoyed baking, especially cookies, oodles and oodles of them. Truly there are times I stare at the batter or dough, and think to myself “this just doesn’t seem to be enough” when only make a single recipe instead of quadrupling a recipe.

I also love to see the success of  helping others with their events. So here are some baking and party hosting tips I’d like to share with you to help you get off to the best start!



14 Baking and Party Hosting Tips

Do you love baking and hosting parties? Or maybe you are looking forward to having your first party or baking your first cake? Read on for some tips!

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Erica Robbin