Chapters from My Autobiography


Second to last day!

Continuing with the Bloganuary theme of deeply reflective prompts, here is my list of titles I would choose for my autobiography:

Chapter 1: She’s Quite the Tumbler!

    Chapter 2: Gobs of Bubblegum and My Turquoise Bracelet

    Chapter 3: Safe with Daddy Long Legs

    Chapter 4: Pom Poms, Crimped Hair, Ribbons, and a Sash

    Chapter 5: The Compliant Confidant

    Chapter 6: In the Shape of a Teddy Bear

    Chapter 7: This One Time, at Church Camp

    Chapter 8: Not Great, Not Terrible

    Chapter 9: Roll Out the Red Carpet

    Chapter 10: 11, 12, 13 Puppies!

    Chapter 11: Study, Study, Study

    Chapter 12: Solace Under the Hot Sun

    Chapter 13: Lessons on Love, Loyalty, Hope, and Discretion

    Chapter 15: My Fearless Pursuit… Wait, What?

    Chapter 16: Little by Little

    Chapter 17: Grappling Grievances with Grace

    Chapter 18: Colder Than a Frog’s Butt

    What titles would you choose for your autobiography?

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    Hello, I’m Erica

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