Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women and Money by Kevin O’Leary



Getting a handle on finances can be challenging at any age. Whether you’re a parent struggling to explain savings to your children, a newly engaged couple considering joint bank accounts, or a baby boomer entering retirement, Kevin O’Leary has advice to help you make and keep more money.
As a lead Dragon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den and ABC’s Shark Tank, Kevin’s success with money management and in business is legendary. But he’s made mistakes along the way, too, and he’s writing this book so others–like his son and daughter–can benefit from his experiences.

Each chapter is geared to a specific age or stage in life. You’ll find real-life examples of common money mistakes (and strategies for avoiding them), “Cold Hard Truth” quizzes and charts aimed at boosting your Wallet Wisdom, and tips and tricks for making more money and growing it faster to achieve financial freedom.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How To Fix Them by Kevin O’Leary

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this one! When reading it I felt the support of a financial cheerleader. Thank you to Simon & Schuster for my free copy. I’d recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re interested in a quick read that’s easy to understand and one to provide some useful framing for your personal finances, help you apply financial principles in a practical way to build financial stability in your life, and for anyone looking doing some financial planning as they move through a different life stage in today’s economy. Would make for an interesting book club read.

The Story
There’s a lot packed in this book.

I, like probably everyone else on the planet, is doing a review of finances right now. It’s the January budget review, either sulk or smile over end-of-year receipts and tax calculations, and in today’s climate, with inflation up 2-7%, the highest in almost three decades, trickling down to almost double the cost of fuel, heating oil up 80%, propane almost doubled, meat up 40-50%, groceries in general up 25-30% (noting “shrinkflation” smaller size, higher price differences), and wages that may or may not reflect that, it’s a great time to run a fine-tooth comb over all your spending, saving, and investing needs.

The content covers a lot of topics and every life stage.

Chapter titles:
-Money Lessons I Learned from My Mother
-Your 90-Day Number
-Save Your Money, Save Your Life
-Invest Right, Invest Now
-Debt-Free First
-Kids and Cash
-The High Cost of Higher Education
-Boomers and Boomerangs: When Generations Financially Collide
-Young Love and Money
-Marriage and Money
-House Poor, House Rich
-Cash in the Cradle
-Avoiding Money Pits
-Midlife and Money Karma
-Divorce, Remarriage, and Gold Diggers
-Debt, Divesting, and Downsizing
– Epilogue: Getting to “Enough”

It focuses on building a healthy relationship with money. There’s a lot of gems, ones to ponder over and ones to begin applying in a tangible way.

I love the candid approach that the author brought into the book. Having watched the television show Shark Tank on numerous occasions where O’Leary just tells it like it is, speaking out his thought rationale, the open honest conversation met my expectation of what I wanted from this book.

I love his no nonsense sense of humor.

The Writing
The book was well-organized, covering cradle to grave in pragmatic order.

People love a self-assessment and this book has a quiz and some basic questions to ask yourself as you read along which is a nice touch.

I really enjoyed the personal stories. They provided plenty, but not overwhelming, well-placed examples, relatability and personalization, and a lot of humor, which was probably my favorite draw.

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