Create Something Awesome by Roberto Blake


In Create Something Awesome, Roberto helps you unlock the opportunities to earn in the Creator Economy, understand the “creator mindset” and what it takes to succeed as a full-time content creator. You will not only learn how to create intentional content that grows an audience, but how to properly monetize your creativity and build a true community.

Roberto Blake has grown over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and helped hundreds of channels grow to 100,000 subscribers from zero, and earn a full-time income as Content Creators.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Create Something Awesome: How Creators are Profiting from Their Passion in the Creator Economy by Roberto Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really appreciated this one. A genuine and authentic look into the creator space. I would recommend this to creators of all sorts, whether starting out or seasoned, established independent freelancer or those embarking on expanding their social media presence. Would make a great gift for high school or university graduate. Would be a good one for book club business focus groups or sharing of ideas and experiences within social media building spaces for those looking for critique partnership that they would be able to share and compare.

The Story
Accessible, whether novice or expert in the field. A positive, encouraging outlook which also took a deep look into the challenges and celebrations of starting, shaping, and completing creative endeavors within social media for the artist, business undertakings, and general entrepreneurship spaces.

There is a lot of value packed into this book, both topically and amount of depth. Plenty of context and history to relate to and glean from.

Great at storytelling, with plenty of tangible, practical, actionable examples from fundamentals as well as personal experiences to give life to the real world scenario.

All told without overt overselling of ideas which was refreshing.

Included group and data analytics.

Chapter listings:
The Creator Economy
Build a Powerful Personal Brand
No More Starving Artists
Monetizing Your Creativity
Value First Content
Authenticity and Boundaries
Creating a Community
How to Stand Out and be Noticed
Picking a Platform
Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked
Imposter Syndrome
Consistency is King
Building a Million Dollar Creator Business
Collaborating and Networking
How to Pivot and Adapt
Become Known
How to Deal with Criticism
Staying Motivated and the Creator Mindset
How to Deal with Failure
Revealing My “Secrets” as a Full-time Creator
Final Thoughts

A lot of golden nugget, solid advice. The Appendix displaying Q&A for some specifics was also a nice touch.

The Writing
Was well written in how it was engaging and compelling, balancing enough how-to principles with plenty of examples and personal anecdotes for an accessible yet stylistic quality that was both professional and yet casual enough to embrace the business side and creative thought to problem-solving from more conversational point of view.

I think the underlinings could have benefited from graphic design integration.

Comparison chart would have been fun.

Needed another round of copy-edits, but this was not terribly distracting, rare occasion I felt compelled to go into copy-editing mode– which to describe is this deep compulsion to edit and correct for grammar and format before rereading a second time for content.

May have benefited from reorganization on some fronts.

It was consistent and celebratory to the tagline and branding for the book “Create Something Awesome.”

Somewhat letter to younger self which was interesting to read. Showed personality. A very admirable and humble approach but also straightforward and no nonsense at points, which gave it a very friendly, positive, good energy, supportive, cheerleader type quality, whilst making for a refreshing, approachable, open, honest, and achievable reading experience you can imagine and easily translate into your own work.

A great book to add to your collection.

I will look forward to more.

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