Describing Myself as a Tree

Sunset silhouette of palm branches extending to grass covered ocean shore, next to rocky, solidified lava.

In response to the writing challenge for Bloganuary, our daily prompt, I’d like to describe myself as a palm tree.

People are often surprised to know that I’m technically not a tree.

Rather a woody herb.

Fan Palm, Madagascar, Africa

My roots are a bit interesting to explain too.

It’s from generations of multi-varietal grafting.

I’ve also been transplanted a few times.

But my most favorite place is the beach.

The tide coming in and out, sunrises, sunsets, and whales breeching.

An amazing backdrop to admire the loveliest of creation.

Changing seasons are the best.

When I can’t celebrate them, I certainly appreciate the decoration.

Outside in the sunlight is most energizing for me.

With limbs swaying, I like to be active.

I’m a bit adventurous.

Seeing and experiencing everything.

Though I enjoy a bit of solitude from time to time.

I thrive best amongst people.

I love watching what they’re doing.

Listening and listening, maybe a bit of sharing.

Perhaps like Mrs. Kravitz, a branch peering out from behind the fence.

But don’t you worry, your secret is safe with me!

Palms Swaying, Wailea-Makena, Maui
<span class="uppercase">Hello, I'm Erica </span>
Hello, I’m Erica

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