Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: 30th Anniversary Edition: A Cookbook by Marcella Hazan



A beautiful new edition of one of the most beloved cookbooks of all time, from “the Queen of Italian Cooking” (Chicago Tribune). A timeless collection of classic Italian recipes–from Basil Bruschetta to the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need (the secret ingredient: butter)–beautifully illustrated and featuring new forewords by Lidia Bastianich and Victor Hazan

“If this were the only cookbook you owned, neither you nor those you cooked for would ever get bored.” –Nigella Lawson

Marcella Hazan introduced Americans to a whole new world of Italian food. In this, her magnum opus, she gives us a manual for cooks of every level of expertise–from beginners to accomplished professionals.

In these pages, home cooks will discover:

– Minestrone alla Romagnola 
– Tortelli Stuffed with Parsley and Ricotta 
– Risotto with Clams 
– Squid and Potatoes, Genoa Style 
– Chicken Cacciatora 
– Ossobuco in Bianco 
– Meatballs and Tomatoes 
– Artichoke Torta 
– Crisp-Fried Zucchini blossoms 
– Sunchoke and Spinach Salad 
– Chestnuts Boiled in Red Wine, Romagna Style 
– Polenta Shortcake with Raisins, Dried Figs, and Pine Nuts 
– Zabaglione 
– And much more

This is the go-to Italian cookbook for students, newlyweds, and master chefs, alike. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings throughout, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking brings together nearly five hundred of the most delicious recipes from the Italian repertoire in one indispensable volume.

As the generations of readers who have turned to it over the years know (and as their spattered and worn copies can attest), there is no more passionate and inspiring guide to the cuisine of Italy.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: 30th Anniversary Edition: A Cookbook by Marcella Hazan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a lovely treasure of a cookbook! I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s one cookbook I’d recommend for everyone to have in their collection. Would make for a great wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift. I’ve since found out there is a spiral-bound version to note.

The Story
Marcella’s personality comes out in this one with little tidbits here and there, and the way it reads, is charming, reliable, no fuss, just tried and true Italian recipes that won’t steer you wrong.

There are so many recipes! All her recipes. Homemade, from scratch, authentic, and notable focus on flavor, fresh, and high-quality. Classic recipes I’ve always wanted to learn to make from her. Everything from breads, side dish to main dish, dessert and drink.

Lots of variations and pairings.

Also party and buffet food menu lists.

The Writing
Felt like I was reading through grandma’s recipe rolodex, reminiscing, picking out childhood favorites, even though I don’t have Italian grandmother or familiar with some of the recipes, but it feels that way, comforting and memory-provoking when I pick it up.

Clear, precise instructions. Tips and substitutions with reasons why you may want to choose one ingredient or method over another.

Recipes are in standard measurement, sometimes referring to portions or numeric reference, amazingly always turning out fine and tasty cuisine whether you use more or less.

Beautiful black and white illustration sketches.

Non-glossy, no glare pages in my hardcover edition which is nice and easy on the eyes for quick glances over as you cook.

There’s no pictures of steps or final dish, which I don’t mind at all, and quite prefer for this collection actually. Otherwise the book would be a much more bulky 5-volume set that would be a chore to take out so I must say I do like flipping through quickly to retrieve recipe and instructions on one singular page, with one volume master book once becoming familiar.

I’m so happy to have this gem of a cookbook.

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