Estée Lauder A Beautiful Life by Aerin Lauder, Jane Lauder


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Estée Lauder A Beautiful Life by Aerin Lauder, Jane Lauder Book Cover

Life in Beauty

“Age is an irrelevancy to every woman. Glow is the essence of beauty, and it’s the absence of radiance that diminishes beauty-at any age.”

~Estée Lauder


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life by Aerin Lauder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A really fun journey through through the life of Estée Lauder and makeup history. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves the brand as much as I do, makes for a fun discussion amongst friends and makeup lovers, and for great historical context into makeup history.

Estée Lauder has been a brand that I’ve loved since I was a little girl. I loved the scents my grandmas wore, ones I love to reminisce over as I wear them today. I remember flipping through magazines, seeing the ads, thinking it was so neat how the makeup sets came with multiple items to complete a look and the free gift was everything.

It was the first brand I attempted to order on my own. I filled out the form, sent cash in the mail. Unfortunately my first attempt at ordering was rejected since I wasn’t of age at the time and I received a letter back telling me so. You had to be at least 16 years of age I think at the time and my heart was so sad. However being gifted makeup sets and perfumes from then on made for extra special birthdays and holidays.

The Story
Celebrates the sophisticated, feminine, beautiful, strong yet delicate, soft, luxurious Estée Lauder brand. Told in a semi-chronological order, it focuses on the life of Estée Lauder, from personhood to the brand and products, family role and dynamics.

Much interest includes elegance in exclusivity and foreign exoticism, along with plenty of the context through timeless celebration of women (as well as products for men), celebrating beauty and style, reflecting the way to take care of their body, skin, and facial attributes that make for an alluring beauty routine.

The Writing
Has a balance of narration, a great curation of high resolution photos, and illustrations.

The photographs are amazing in both quality and size, especially for the blown up size they were. As far as images and scenes, they ranged from department store events, product displays, memorabilia, and hand written letters. Scenes set amongst the ornate wood furniture, rugs, drapes, candles, and crystal glasses of the times really took me back to the setting and time of the day.

The illustrations and excerpts of product and display wallpaper type patterns were a fun touch.

The Book and Material
Makes for a gorgeous coffee table book!

Comes with an outer cover that is equally beautiful and fun to discover as you pull the book out of the slip. Clean, sharp binding with heavy weight and slightly glossy paper that allows each extent of the photo to be appreciated even across the centerfolds.

My Favorite Lines
“There are no homely women, only careless women.”

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