Gardening: Finding Strength I Didn’t Know I Had

Rose in the Garden, Bright Fluffy Flower Pink

In response to today’s daily prompt, our writing challenge for Bloganuary, I’d like to write about something that makes me feel strong.

For me, it’s gardening.

All aspects of it from labor to enjoying the fruits of my labor, everything in between.

It’s a peaceful pastime, helps me collect my thoughts and form new ones. It’s an invigorating way to wind down, much more rewarding than vacuuming, banging on the piano, watching t.v., or dare I say even reading or having drinks with friends.

Except if you’re reading or sharing a glass of wine amongst the garden of course.

It’s relaxing, while at the same time, the physical labor helps me feel stronger and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished so much.

Garden in Full Bloom
Garden in Full Bloom

It’s a fun community too. You always have a friend in gardening.

Gardening creates this instant magnet connection with other gardeners. You celebrate successes together and feel for them through the frustrations.

“I have blight” or “I have an abundance of berries on my coffee tree and that’s in zone 1!”

The shared experience is special in the work that it takes, strengthening your patience as you watch the growing process, and enjoying the great rewards of one’s efforts.

Of course there’s the healthy competition in seeing who can grow the biggest zucchinis and the tastiest, beautifully blemish-free tomatoes.

The process is energizing.

Weeds Before Tilling and Preparing Garden Soil
Weeds Before Tilling and Preparing Garden Soil
Broccoli Head Growing in Garden
Garden Broccoli
Garden Vegetables
Garden Vegetables
Garden Basil in Pot by Pond
Garden Basil

In enjoying the fruits of labor, I get to make the most delicious, colorful, heartiest dishes out there. Like my recipe, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strip Sandwich with Basil Cream Cheese.

Sandwich with Basil Cream Cheese Quarter Angle
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strip Sandwich with Basil Cream Cheese

How about homemade tomato sauce? Nothing beats homemade, garden fresh tomato sauce for pizza or spaghetti! I get to make recipes for that too! Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce from Scratch.

Homemade Pizza & Spaghetti Sauce | Erica Robbin
Homemade Pizza

Any leftovers, stems, tops, peels, cores, those all go back into the soil so nothing is essentially wasted and I find that really empowering.

In fact it helps create the richest, most balanced soil you can’t find in stores.

Herb Sprouts in Garden
Herb Sprouts in the Garden

I get to enjoy the beauty. Reflect on creation. I find incredible strength in that.

Yellow, Black, and Blue Butterfly on Pink Flower Nebraska
Yellow, Black, and Blue Butterfly on Pink Flower

It’s the loveliest feeling to sit back at the end of a hard working day and enjoy some tea and cookies in my garden sanctuary.

Garden Sanctuary Tea and Cookies
Garden Sanctuary Tea and Cookies

My post, Creating a Happy, Peaceful Garden Sanctuary offers 8 tips to creating the ambience of a hopeful, tranquil, joyous garden.

Garden French Lavender
Garden French Lavender

The garden is where my worries or uncertainty of the day melt away.

Negative thoughts turn into positive ones.

Creativity is stoked.

The joys of life and hope returns.

Bothers turn into blessings.

I feel refreshed and am ready to begin again.

Gardening, it’s when I feel most strong.

Stronger Than You Think Grogu Calendar Inspiration for January

How about you, what makes you feel strong?

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Hello, I’m Erica

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