Grand Canyon National Park Turns 100!

Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA © 2019 | All rights reserved.

Happy Birthday to Grand Canyon National Park!

It’s one of my most favorite national parks for several reasons and it’s my hope that if you have never been there before, that you get to go in the near future.

The Grand Canyon is one of the deepest gorges on Earth and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. With an average depth of one mile (1.6 kilometers), it is possible to hike down and up the Grand Canyon in one day. Camping at the bottom allows for more reasonable pacing of the trail for the average hiker and is also the best way to enjoy all that the scenery has to offer.

I took these photos while on a hiking trip to Havasupai Falls. If you enjoy hiking and have never been to the Grand Canyon before, I highly recommend adding this amazing trek to your travel plans! Water cascades from a height of 98 feet (about 30 meters) into beautiful turquoise pools, adding to the unique and stunning contrast of red hued layered rock which is characteristic of the Southwestern United States. The Havasupai route takes 3 hours to travel down, but 5 hours back up. There aren’t any roads, the only other accessible ways are helicopter, rafting, or hiking.

Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA © 2019 | All rights reserved.

And I’d like to share an additional treasure that’s unique to the Grand Canyon.

Mail-by-mule train, Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA © 2019 | All rights reserved.

Nowadays with one hour delivery and overnight shipping, it’s hard to believe that mail delivery took about 10 days to travel coast to coast. The Pony Express was one such mail service that began in 1859. Pictured here is the last official mail-by-mule train which delivers small packages and letters, including food and medicine, to people living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Loads can weigh up to 200 pounds (about 90 kilograms) per mule. And with mail delivery service occurring 6 days a week, it’s possible you might encounter the mule train!

Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA © 2019 | All rights reserved.

Be sure to make a reservation for your accommodations well ahead of time, it’s a popular place with an average of 5 million visitors each year. Check out the Grand Canyon National Park Service website for more information.

Have you had a chance to visit the canyon or is it on your list of travels this year? Let me know in the comments below as well as your favorite national parks and places you love to hike!

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