Happy Independence Day!

Bright Fireworks © 2018 | All rights reserved.

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

For me, it seems so long ago, it’s kind of hard to grasp. But then also knowing that Independence Day the movie, the science fiction action film starring Will Smith, came out 22 years ago! What?! Anyway I love history and learning more about the history of the United States and 18th century living in particular. Over the past year or so I’ve really gotten into watching the YouTube channels Townsends and Coalcracker Bushcraft.

Many key events leading up to this declaration took place in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a wonderful place to visit and I’m excited to share a few of my photos and some additional treasures with you.

Boston Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

“With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone.” To find out more go to Visiting Boston.

Autumnal flowers, Boston Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.
Clinton Street, Boston © 2018 | All rights reserved.
Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

You may recognize this photo of Feneuil Hall from my previous post My Love for Black and White Photography. This beautiful brick building with arched windows has been a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1743. It was the site of several speeches by Samuel Adams and James Otis, who encouraged independence from Great Britain. Visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace and The Freedom Trail Foundation to learn more.

Christmas in Boston Storefront, Boston Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

Christmas in Boston is a lovely store to visit. It’s located in Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

The Marriott Custom House Clock Tower, Boston Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

The Custom House Tower is a skyscraper located in McKinley Square. The land it was built on was originally purchased in 1837 and construction began during the mid-19th century. It was authorized as a building to be used for government purposes by U.S. President Andrew Jackson. Activities included office work and applying duties to imported goods.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House wine cellar © 2018 | All rights reserved.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse is a modern restaurant located within view of the Boston harbor. It’s a classic American steakhouse serving aged USDA Prime Beef, seafood, and has an extensive wine selection.

Vegetables for sale at a downtown farmers market, Boston Massachusetts, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

Interestingly enough, none of these vegetables pictured here are native to the U.S.

Boston waterfront, Boston, Massachusetts © 2018 | All rights reserved.
An orange flower, Boston, Massachusetts © 2018 | All rights reserved.

And a photo of a flower, because no trip I take would be complete without one.

I hope you enjoyed looking through both the mix of colored and black and white photos I took while visiting Boston.

Here are some links to other wonderful places I have visited in Boston that you will want to check out if you get a chance to go there. Unfortunately a few attractions and restaurants have closed since my last visit, so here are my current recommendations.

Boston Duck Tours

Boston’s Historic North End

Neptune Oyster

Farmers Markets

Cookie Monstah

The Q Restaurant

Museum of Science

The Bristol

Harpoon Brewery

Legal Harborside

A couple other things I’ve been loving lately.

Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick book © 2018 | All rights reserved.

I’m currently reading The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. It’s about the journey of the Mayflower and the Pilgrim settlement of New England in addition to several events that took place in colonial America during the 1600s. I’ve really been enjoying it so far.

Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution’s Lost Hero by Christian Di Spigna book © 2018 | All rights reserved.

Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution’s Lost Hero by Christian Di Spigna is an excellent read that is coming out soon. “A rich and illuminating biography of America’s forgotten Founding Father, the patriot physician and major general who fomented rebellion and died heroically at the battle of Bunker Hill on the brink of revolution.” I would like to thank Penguin Random House for providing me with an advance reader copy.

You can find a variety of patriotic items at my Redbubble store made with a photo I took of a yellow lily and the American flag. Merchandise includes but is not limited to clothing, accessories, mugs, tumblers, electronic device covers, bags, notebooks, stickers, art boards, prints, and more. Items come in color or black and white, with and without a commemorative styled stamp border, and with and without a colored blue or red background.

Lastly, here are a few photos from some of the neighborhood’s fireworks show last night (they’ve actually been launching them all week).

Fireworks © 2018 | All rights reserved.

Happy Independence Day! How are you celebrating today? Also, what places have you visited or plan to visit in Boston, what books you have read or look forward to reading, and what episodes from Townsends have you enjoyed? I’d love to know! Hope you enjoyed this post!


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