Happy National Book Lovers Day!

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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

This day is dedicated to everyone who loves to read.

And yes, the featured image is my physical copy of books I plan to read… and there’s more than what I was able to photograph!

I’ve been reading so many good books lately and have a lot I am looking forward to.

I didn’t think I would read so much over the past year… it all started with fractured ankles and book donations given to me while I was healing and I realized, boy have I missed out on the harlequin, cozy mystery series, magical realism, and high fantasy world!

What have I read, what am I reading, and what’s on my list?

Here is my most recent reading list: Book List.

And of course you can always see what I’m currently reading/TBR list here: Goodreads.

Current Reading Challenges

Libro.fm Summer Listening Challenge

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to join the Libro.fm Summer Listening Challenge.

Libro.fm Summer Listening Challenge

I was never too keen on audiobooks or even digital copies of books for a really long time. I typically prefer physical copies because it’s easier on my eyes and I feel like a read at a better pace (and they are so much easier to photography- sidenote for book photographers out there).

But I’ve actually come to enjoy both, especially audiobooks. They’re great to listen to while traveling, painting, crafting, baking, any activity where you’d like to hear about a good story but you need your hands free.

The challenge is still taking place and will be ending on September 2nd. Participate by listening to audiobooks. You can set up your audiobook purchases so that book proceeds can help support your local bookstore.

Upload your listening log found at  Libro.fm Summer Listening Challenge and get rewards which include audiobook discounts, free audiobooks, and entry for the grand prize!

Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge

Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge

I’m definitely still working on this one… the last day of summer is September 23… we’ll see! You can view the books on this challenge on my post Summer Reading Challenges of 2019.


It’s also ARC August, so be on the look out for new book reviews coming out soon!

NetGalley #Reviewathon

This challenge runs through August 30, 2019. If you would like to participate in the challenge or join Netgalley as a book reviewer, click here.

Book Clubs

Here are some of the book clubs that I’m currently a part of.

Life’s Library Book Club It has introduced me to books I wouldn’t have considered before, and the discord discussion is great because there are a lot of participants around the world so you can pick up on the discussion at any time. They offer books with fun items shipped with them as well as virtual items and you can choose from physical, digital, or audiobooks. Proceeds go to Partners in Health, but you don’t have to subscribe to the purchased option to be a part of the book club, they choose books that have been out long enough to be found at local libraries.

NerdFighters Book Club It’s not so active on GR as much nowadays though the discord is active. Some monthly readings are whatever Life’s Library is reading at the moment and there are niche clubs within clubs that can be suited to anyone’s interest, ie… Jane Austen or sci-fi.

SunBeamsJess Book Club I love the variety of books she chooses and the way she reviews them.

PewDiePie’s Literature Club A lot of classic literature which I like.

Peter Likes Books I don’t read a lot of true crime as part of the book club called A True Crime Book Club, but once in a while I do and I absolutely love his humor and contagious joy and enthusiasm for books!

I also watch BookswithEmilyFox I like her taste in books (includes modern and classic sci-fi) and participate in the book club reads when able.

What book clubs are you a part of or are wanting to join? Please share below!

What are you reading?

I’m always looking for suggestions, let me know what books you are currently reading, what’s on your reading list, and if you have any you’d like to recommend in the comments below.

As always, happy reading!

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Hello, I’m Erica

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