Hill Country Reunion by Myra Johnson

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Veterinarian Tripp Willoughby returns to his hometown of Juniper Bluff knowing he has no right to ask for forgiveness. He thought keeping his Crohn’s disease a secret was the right thing to do–but he ended up breaking his college girlfriend’s heart. Now Diana Matthews has a new life running a cafe and working with animals. Reluctantly, she accepts his help with her pet therapy program. And as the furry animals bring them together, Tripp remembers how things used to be with Diana–and is convinced he must find a way to reveal the truth and win her back.

Hill Country ReunionHill Country Reunion by Myra Johnson

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I enjoyed this book! It is a classic warm, happy, love inspired story. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys light reading, sweet contemporary romance, Texas romance, and ranch animals, especially cats.

The author Myra Johnson wrote with an endearing tone. The characters had both obvious and subtle traits that helped move the story along at a great pace. It was easy to follow but not overly simplistic.

As for the plot, I loved the storyline because it raised awareness for Crohn’s disease and had realistic situational implications. Each scene had a focus that was pretty unidirectional and predictable, which made a for a nice, feel good read. It wasn’t boring though because the voices of each character were interesting, relatable, and circumstances had twists that kept it exciting and lovable.

The epilogue seemed a bit hurried along in the sense that the plot also had a rushed sequence in itself. I felt like I could have spent more time there, that this section of the book could have satisfactorily ended with the last chapter or as an incorporation/expansion of chapters themselves. Wasn’t a major distraction or disappointment though.


“My grace is sufficient for thee…
The scripture he’d relied on so often whispered through his thoughts.
My grace… sufficient.
He closed the file he’d been reading, leaned back in his chair and took several long, slow breaths. And remembered what his dad had said on the phone this afternoon, One day at a time, son. Only choice we have is to take this one day at a time.”

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