How are You Brave?


How am I brave?

What a very introspective question. I find it brave to draw from personal experiences as source material on display for other’s consumption in any of my posts. Challenges I’ve overcome when faced with something beyond, new, different, or in adversity. Boldness in self-reflective, written response.

I guess I’ll start by sharing a few of the more daring activities I’ve done in life. Whether on land, in sea, or air. Water endeavors are my most favorite though.

I’ve survived many storms as well. Storms of life too. So the question is not only a look back in tribute of bravery to my physical and mental endurance. But a very emotional one.

These past 2 years I took time to read diaries and journals I took out of storage which I’ve kept since childhood.

Pink Hello Kitty diary with lock latch open surrounded by origami notes passed in class.

Wow have I been through a lot. Even more in the first decade of my life than what some some people go through in a lifetime.

Entries that depict tragic losses and painful circumstances, and impact on me. Memories that can only be accompanied with cathartic cries and boxes of Kleenex. I look back and think about the things I’ve been through and how hard I was on myself too.

Yet I was brave in the vulnerabilities. It’s bravery to realize them. Confronting fears and insecurities during times of grievance and despair. It’s bravery to admit to being broken and pressing on. It’s taken humility to cherish the difficulties as means that say I’m maturing, growing, and ways I’ve been strong. The wonder in choosing or wanting the wrong things. Speaking up when I’ve known what’s right. Speaking up when I’ve been wrong.

I think there’s a lot of bravery in turning experiences of joys and sorrows into sharable stories, whether through various art and music media.

Maybe ones that would make for a good book.

Open antique books opened flat stacked on antique doily, topped with pair of eye glasses.

Did I mention that I love the fastest, steepest, and craziest of roller coasters, both wooden and steel?

How as kids we used to secure our Nash skateboards to the back of our BMX and Mongoose bikes then speed race down hills? How about about the time as a little girl I went door to door in icy snow selling homemade cookies and candies in pretty bow tied cellophane bags at Christmas?

I must say though, as confession, as brave as I can be, I’m not brave enough to eat out at a sit-down restaurant alone or go see a movie by myself. That’s where my braveness has actually drawn a line.

Irregular White Water Waves of Six Class III Rapids, Clark Fork River, Idaho

How are you brave? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hello, I’m Erica

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2 responses to “How are You Brave?”

  1. Misky Avatar

    Hi Erica, and thanks for your lovely comment on my post today. I’m so in awe of your challenging activities and bravery. I’m also surprised, after reading about your athletic prowess, that you’re afraid to dine alone at a restaurant. I can only say, take up the challenge, bring along a paperback to read for companionship, and order yourself a fabulous meal. Eating alone is never lonely, and being in ones own company is often hard to beat! 😂

    1. Erica Robbin Avatar

      Thank you! Yes I can’t ever get myself to do it and I have some friends that do all the time. I tell them, let me know when you go out and I’ll meet there so you don’t have to go alone! So funny. Someday I will add to my bravery.

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