How I Feel When I Look at the Stars

Outline of Aquarias, 3-D image of the moon, Jupiter, amongst stars in black sky.

For the writing challenge for Bloganuary, our daily prompt, I’d like to describe how I feel when looking at the stars.


My perspective changes when I gaze at the stars.

An immediate sense of peace and calm. Even in the bustle of time and feeling overwhelmed, stress and worry just melts away.

I feel soothed and pacified, while at the same time, the tiniest of details that don’t really seem to matter feel designed with the greatest of care.

Because they are.

Aquarias and His Water Jar, the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn Viewed from Florida

I remember the first time I thought about the stars and saw how mesmerizing they were as a child, with my family, as we slept outside on blankets set upon the grass.

Shooting stars are such a delight.

Even now it’s incredible to think about how far away they are.

I can only identify a few.

My favorite star is Betelgeuse, favorite constellation is Orion, favorite planet is Jupiter.

International Space Station, Scorpio, and Jupiter Viewed From Malawi, Africa

I wish I could photograph stars well. Instead I like find and capture constellations with my phone app to mark certain special occasions.

Aries Viewed from Florida Sky

I don’t get to gaze at them enough. But it doesn’t take long to be reminded of their wonder and beauty upon a simple glance.

If you love learning everything about space, my favorite YouTube channels are:

Event Horizon

John Michael Godier

Dr. Becky

PBS Space Time

This concludes the Bloganuary challenge!

I was unaware of it but was glad I was able to join in mid-way, completing an 11-day streak of the daily word prompts.

It’s been wonderful to challenge my writing skills and meet all of you lovely people.

I hope to see you around in post exchanges and discussions and will look forward to the future for any upcoming challenges we can participate in together as a community.

It’s been fun!

What’s your favorite star, constellation, or planet?

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