How To Write It: Work With Words by Anthony Anaxagorou

How to Write It by Anthony Anaxagorou

Taking readers on a personal journey through his early life and school years, through to his relationship with literature, education poetry and writing, this book is filled with tips, anecdotes and publishing advice for anyone interested in getting their work seen. From Anthony’s first slam win to the evolving British poetry scene, this book will provoke readers into thinking about their writing more carefully – be it a poem, short story or novel – and help them finally get their book out into the world.

Designed to inspire and encourage readers to unlock their potential and provoke change, the How To series offers a new model in publishing, helping to break down knowledge barriers and uplift the next generation.

Creatively presented and packed with clear, step-by-step, practical advice, this series is essential reading for anyone seeking guidance to thrive in the modern world. Curate your bookshelf with these collectable titles.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

How To Write It: Work With Words by Anthony Anaxagorou

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is such a gem of a little book!

I’d highly recommend it to anyone. It is geared toward poetry writers but I think there are a lot of principles applicable to any genre and writer of any type of media. I don’t tend to read a lot of poetry and I think as he put it, perhaps the difficulty of consuming poetry lies within this tendency to think of things as correct or incorrect, rarely do we get asked to expand upon our interpretive skills.

It has a good overview from a historical perspective, covers the evolution of poetry, practical and personal advice, plenty of examples, resources, and writing exercises which were fun. It incorporates tidbits of the author’s life story which I enjoyed reading about. There is a lot to share in this book which fits in the palm of my hand, a lot packed into one little book. There is also mention of side grievances, social commentary, and political statement which I thought to be curious and personal.

What speaks to me most are the bits about giving yourself permission to play and interpret. I like the thoughts about creating spaces for the reader. I got a lot out of this book. Especially finding glory in unconventional ways with these stimulating exercises that helped to get a bit more perspective and establish better goals in writing.

I also like the glossary of terms.

I’ll be referencing it again.

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