Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas



A Christmas to remember for a friend they’ll never forget

Four friends
Twenty-five years ago, Freya and her three best friends created a bucket list. The future seemed bright, full of hope and most importantly guaranteed . . .

One promise
Now they are travelling to Iceland in memory of the friend they’ve lost, determined to fulfil her dream of seeing the Northern Lights at Christmas.

A life-changing adventure
They didn’t count on an avalanche leaving them stranded! Handsome local, Pétur, comes to the rescue, showing them how the community survives the hard winter. With Christmas approaching, Freya and her friends throw themselves into the festivities, decorating and cooking for the villagers using delicious local ingredients.

But will the Northern Lights appear so they can honour their friend’s wish? And can Freya’s own dreams come true, this Christmas?



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another treasure, another treat! I devoured this as a one-sitting, fun, escape read. Anyone looking for a refreshing Christmas cheer and holiday season of joy, lift your spirits, feel good read, will enjoy this one.

I would like to thank Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for providing me with an advance readers copy via access to the galley for free through the NetGalley program.

The Story
Has all the elements and kept me going amongst all the festivities and turn of events.

Gorgeous Icelandic setting with both culturally important and magical stories as told from village viewpoint, serves as significant backstory with an engaging look into Icelandic peoples, lifestyle, beliefs, folklore, celebration, cuisine, nature, and unique geothermal land characteristics.

Best friends, creating memories, getaway, new experiences, new acquaintances, romance, community.

Cheer, laughter, joy. Dreams. Hopes. Plans.

Dilemma. Tears. Plans averted. Longing. Disappointment. Reflection.

Flapjacks, Icelandic tortillas, skyr, lamb and caramelized potatoes, merry drink, warm crusty buried bread steaming soft middles. Fish soup. Berry preserves and tasty wild caught smoked salmon.

Icelandic Christmas cake with plum filling and cardamom spice.

Oh the lovely food!

The Writing
Thoroughly enjoyed the casual writing style as always which easily flows and feels conversational with integration of secondary language into dialogue and the dive into culture from both visitor and mainstay perspective.

Just enough description to build up the scene with all the glorious senses to capture this transportive, taking me places, holiday read.

The characters were just fun, they all had something unique to offer. There’s something for everyone to connect and glean to in the friend group and community.

Always looking forward to the next book, where to?

Favorite Lines
“Sometimes you have to take time to stand and stare to realize what’s been and where you want to go.”

The Line I Loath
“I let out a long slow breath I didn’t know I’d been holding.”

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