My Family Tree


I can trace my family tree pretty far back. Beyond grandparents and great grandparents, hundreds of years on both sides actually. Different roles, professions, and contributions.

From geographic region, nationality, race, and ethnicity standpoint, I can categorically check all the boxes. So when I’m met with a form that only allows marking one choice, I wonder, can review world history? In my travels people often ask about my origin story as they can’t quite place it, so it’s always a fun and interesting one to tell.

Makes for a fascinating conversation offline. I’m truly blessed that my family has kept meticulous record and have many great stories.


How about you? Let me know in the comments below!

<span class="uppercase">Hello, I'm Erica </span>
Hello, I’m Erica

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  1. issababycreates Avatar

    That’s pretty impressive!

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