My Most Challenging Chore


The most challenging chore for me at the moment is shelling pecans.

I purchased a large bag from a pecan farm and found it is incredibly messy and time consuming. Plus I worry about shells. Even pecans I get from the market sold without shells and chopped, I always pour onto a plate and look for any shells that may inadvertently remain.

So shelling myself has been quite the chore. It’s tricky to get them out half whole. I got the bag over summer and still working my way through very cautiously. What I need to do is just put on some music or an audiobook and work my way through the entire bag someday. My understanding is that boiling or soaking them in hot water is helpful. I think I may try that.

Other than that, I actually enjoy most chores. Especially outdoors. I’d say my favorite chore is gardening. Gardening is so relaxing and rewarding.

Lush Garden Corner

Even chopping wood, as I remember, enjoying as a child.

How about, what is your most challenging chore?

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Hello, I’m Erica

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  1. Tetyana Skrypkina Avatar
    Tetyana Skrypkina

    Wow! What an extraordinary chore!

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