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Hello all!

Photography is a hobby that I’ve come to love more and more over the years as I develop a deeper appreciation for it. With that, I’d like to be able to share beautiful captures and moments of inspiration with you. I’m excited to announce that my photography prints, among other items displaying my artistic work are now available for purchase. My hope is that you will enjoy the creative artistry that I have to offer.

I’ve chosen a shop called RedBubble to host my crafts because of the wide-array of items and sizes that they offer in addition to several high-quality products, ethically-sourced apparel, access to world-wide shipping, as well as the support they give to independent artists. Please note that the photos printed on each item will be made with a higher resolution image than what you will visualize on your screen.

Many of my family members and friends have served in the United States Armed Forces. I would like to take the time to remember our soldiers and thank them for their military service. Memorial Day is coming up and I want to dedicate my first collection to honor those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving. I am in the process of writing a proposal that allows proceeds from this collection to go toward a charitable organization that serves to benefit veterans in need. The Patriotic Collection displays a work composed of a commemorative design that features a photo of a yellow lily alongside the American flag.

You can purchase it with or without the border and there are other styles to choose from.

Patriotic Collection © 2018 | All rights reserved.

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