Rock formation, Petra, Ma’an Governate, just south of Amman, Jordan.
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Petra: A Sandstone Journey

The most fascinating rock features I have ever come across.


Lines is this week’s photo theme so I thought I’d share about some of the most fascinating rock features I have ever come across.

Petra, Ma’an Governate, just south of Amman, Jordan, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It is a historical and archaeological city famous for its rock-cut architecture, most notably The Treasury (Al-Khazeneh), which is at the end of the passage al-Siq. Pictured here is the rock texture of a cave wall I came across.

The word petra comes from the Greek word petros meaning “stone” or “rock.” These stones in particular are sandstone layers created in part from sand dunes over long periods of time. Like other rock formations, the top layers are the youngest and the older at the top. The waves lines are created because sand dunes have more movement at the top compared to the sedimentary rock that forms beneath it. The colors are just amazing, consisting of various shades of orange, rich brown, an almost gray-purple, and red. In fact this Nabataean city is also known as the Rose City of Petra because of its rosy hue. 

On a side-note, One Strange Rock is a series that’s currently airing on National Geographic and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Be sure to check it out! Episodes have featured stories about our earth’s formation and I’m thinking they might include Petra’s stunning rock formations in an episode.

I hope you enjoyed my post!


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  1. Beautiful. I love that wavy pattern 🙂

  2. I’d love to see Petra in person. What a fascinating place!


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