Draw Mix Paint The artist’s name is Mark Carder. His goal is to eventually cover all essential instruction for painting realism in oil so that anyone can learn to paint for free.

LearntoDrawManga Rebekah features drawing tutorials, speed drawings, and other art related videos including software tutorials.

Tim Lee Michael Caricatures, Cartoons, Tutorials and Speed Paints!

Lisa Eldridge Professional make up artist working with many of the worlds top A-list celebrities, models, magazines and brands. Visit Lisa’s ‘My Work’ section of her website to see a portfolio of her make-up work. No sponsored videos or paid product endorsements.

Modern States Modern States Education Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to making a high quality college education free of cost and accessible to any person who seeks one. Modern States’ initial program, Freshman Year for Free™, is intended to let students earn up to one year of college credit without tuition or textbook expense. In short, Modern States works like a global digital public library of great college courses.

The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus The Great Courses represent a beloved and rapidly growing selection of video and audio courses led by the world’s top professors and experts in fields such as philosophy, history, writing, literature, science, the arts including photography, and better living.

Jungle Red Writers 7 smart and sassy crime fiction writers dish on writing and life. It’s The View. With bodies.

Alexa Donne This channel has writing craft advice, publishing Real Talk, drafting and editing vlogs, interviews with authors, book reviews, & more. New videos 2-3 times a week!

Lil Crafty Nook Cleverly Creative, Card-making, encouraging creativity, spreading love.


Jamie Windsor Photography Jamie’s channel is all about photography related tips, reviews and techniques. He aims to create video content that doesn’t already exist on YouTube. He also focuses on teaching the art of photography rather than being an overly gear-heavy.

The Bite Shot

Chris Burkard Studio

Michael Yamashita

Joel Sartore

Paul Nicklen

Advancing Your Photography

David Oastler

Roberto Blake

Real Talk with Roberto Blake

Peter McKinnon

Jared Polin





Shutterstock Tutorials

Camera Conspiracies

Marques Brownlee

Linus Tech Tips


Kraig Adams

Steve O’Nions

FlashFilm Academy

Gordon Laing

Mark Galer’s Alpha Creative Skills

Morten Rustad

Photos In Color

Peter Hurley

Jerry Ghionis

Boat on Sea of Galilee © 2018 | All rights reserved.
Boat on Sea of Galilee, Israel


WordPress Start building your own website with beautiful designs to choose from for FREE.

Bluehost Building a website from scratch? Get amazing tools for a better website.

HTML codes

3WSchools Online Web Tutorials This website is incredibly helpful for coding, in fact it’s the world’s largest web developer site.

HTML Color Codes

Recipe Code

WordPress Plugins Repository

Built with Technology

CMS Detector

What WP Theme is That?

AI Tools

AI Tools

  • Adobe AI Audio Enhance for Studio Quality Audio
  • ChatGPT – Scripting, Research, Productivity and Strategy
  • ConvertKit – Automate Email Marketing and Newsletters
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Captions – Very Accurate Transcription
  • Speechify – Have Any Text Document or Site Read to You
  • DubVerse – Dub Your Voice in Any Language
  • ELEVENLABS- Clone Your Voice and Use Text to Speech
  • InVideo – Text to Video Generation
  • MidJourney – Text to Image Generation
  • AutoPod – Automate Multicamera Editing
  • AutoCut- Automate Jump Cuts and Eliminate Dead Air
  • Tubebuddy – Thumbnail Analyzer and Title Generator
  • VidIQ – AI Idea Bank for Topics and AI Strategy


Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom The cloud-based service for people who love photography, Lightroom CC gives you everything you need to edit, organize, store, and share your photos across desktop, mobile, and web and Photoshop is, well, Photoshop.

Affinity They have several apps in the form of professional graphics software.

iMovie Video editing.

Adobe Premier Video editing.


PHLEARN At Phlearn, they are dedicated to providing you with the best photography and photoshop tutorials. No ego, just help!

PiXimperfect This is a free resource to learn Photoshop and Lightroom. They believe in learning the concepts, more than learning the steps so that you can master translating “your” imagination visually to the world, making you a better decision maker rather than making decisions for you.

Affinity Revolution Welcome to Affinity Revolution, YouTube’s most popular destination for Affinity tutorials! They make a new tutorial every Saturday for Affinity Photo, the iPad version of Affinity Photo, or Affinity Designer.


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Props for Food Photography from The Bite Shot

Bluehost (affiliate link) Start creating your own website today. Bluehost is a leading web hosting/solutions services provider and allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Awesome Creator Academy Mentor Program (affiliate link) The Awesome Creator Academy Mentoring Group gives you a place where you can get training, advice, and support when working on your projects, growing your brand, and building your business from people working just as hard and as passionately as you are.

TubeBuddy (affiliate link) This channel management browser plugin helps content creators, brands, and networks save time and grow their brands directly from within YouTube. Their mission is to make you and the rest of the YouTube community a happier and more productive bunch.

YouTube Starter Kit (affiliate link) The YouTube Starter Kit is intended for new YouTube content creators who want to make their YouTube channel look and feel professional from the start! This starter kit includes templates for channel art, thumbnails, YouTube end cards, YouTube Live, and also includes guides on how to grow your channel and what equipment and software to buy.

Roberto Blake YouTube Channel Creative Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Author. Educating and Motivating Creative People and Standing Up for The Future of Creativity. The community is about empowering and educating creatives to take control of their lives and their careers!

Formula for Awesome Videos (affiliate link) Great videos aren’t an accident, they are a result of planning and understanding your audience. The Formula for Awesome Videos will give you a clear system for making awesome videos that people will call their fave!

Youtube Channel Reviews (affiliate link) If you’d like specific advice about your YouTube channel and how to improve your branding, content strategy, or optimizing your videos for search and discovery, having a 1-on-1 30-minute channel review can help.

Personal Branding Blue Print (affiliate link) Building your brand from scratch can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? Do you need a website or social media? This course is designed to give you clarity and a series of task that will help you build a strong foundation for your brand so that you don’t waste precious time and money on things that have no value to you or others. At the end of this course, you’ll understand how to setup your website and social media profiles to communicate your brand effectively, as well as how to monetize your personal brand.

Social Media Brand Audit (affiliate link) 30-minute audit and review of 1 social media profile such as: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The session is designed to audit effectiveness and develop an action plan and strategy to improve growth and engagement.

Private Coaching with Roberto (affiliate link) 1-on-1 Coaching with Roberto Blake, speaker, YouTube Certified expert, and creative entrepreneur. Roberto can help you grow your personal brand, YouTube channel, or online business. Being able to work with you directly means more context about your specific needs and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

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