Scents That Take Me Back to Childhood

Collection of Perfume Samples

I have many memories linked to smells.

Most of my perfumes take me back to the place and time when I started wearing them or remind me of my grandmothers who would wear certain scents. I actually purchased a few lovely perfume scents and powders last year that I wanted to remember again, recollecting the scents and memories that I associate with them.

Lilac is one recent purchase that’s I’ve wanted to recapture lately. From a childhood toy, I remember it being a pony or some animal of sorts, that smelled so Heavenly. Aerin’s Lilac Path is what I’ve been able to find that mimics that.

One scent I also loved growing up, strongly associated with my childhood, one that I haven’t been able to find is a scent from Avon that was part of their stocking stuffers Christmas collection advertisement magazine section for kids. My parents would let me pick my favorites and I would find little treasures in my stocking. It was so exciting to flip through, from bubble baths to chapsticks to lotions. But one lotion scent I’m determined to find one day is a cherry yogurt one. It smelled like –cherry yogurt. This sweet delicious, then fresh high note of just a bit sour, keeping it from being too saccharine. I’ve not found anything like it since and sadly they don’t make it anymore.

Pine tree sap and fresh cut wood takes me back to childhood memories instantly.

Early morning drives just before dawn looking for deer and elk. Going deep into the forests to chop trees for the wood fireplace. I’d get fresh sap on my hands, so sticky, and my father would tell me to rub them in the dirt.

Not sticky anymore.

Montana Field, Trees, and Mountains

So many scents take me back to fond memories growing up in childhood. Fresh hot tortillas, red chile, Vicks VapoRub, certain brewed coffees, and sunscreens.

How about you, do you have a memory that’s linked to smell?

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2 responses to “Scents That Take Me Back to Childhood”

  1. Kathleen Howell Avatar

    Such great memories! I too loved Avon, in fact I have a very old tube of Silicone Glove, their lotion that my mom always used. Takes me back.. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful memories!

    1. Erica Robbin Avatar

      Silicone Glove, was so luxurious! The memories… glad you enjoyed reading through!

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