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The Reading Rush, formerly known as Book-Tube-A-Thon is an annual readathon held in summer. This week there will be a reading challenge, taking place for 4 days, from April 16th to 19th.

This Stay at Home Reading Rush is a reading challenge event to encourage people to stay home and have some bookish fun together as a community.

While the Reading Rush website remains under construction for the summer event, taking place from July 22nd-July 28th, 2020, The Reading Rush Instagram will be hosting the reading challenge events and more information can be found on The Reading Rush YouTube Channel.

The Reading Challenges

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So the book I will be reading during this challenge, fulfilling all of the tasks, is the:

The Wandering Inn: Volume 1 (The Wandering Inn #1) by Pirateaba

The Wandering Inn: Volume 1 (The Wandering Inn #1) by Pirateaba


This is actually one of my current reads. It is a fantasy genre web serial that I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past several months.

“No killing Goblins.”

So reads the sign outside of The Wandering Inn, a small building run by a young woman named Erin Solstice. She serves pasta with sausage, blue fruit juice, and dead acid flies on request. And she comes from another world. Ours.

Instagram Photo Challenges

Check out The Reading Rush Instagram to see and upload your daily challenge photos.

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I’m on break from Instagram, but here are my entries for the daily challenges.

Thursday: Take a photo of your favorite reading spot!

How many pillows in the picture can you find?


And the book featured here in this photo is an excellent cozy mystery I recently finished:

Tide and Punishment by Bree Baker

Tide and Punishment

It’s Christmastime in Charm, North Carolina, and while Everly Swan would prefer to focus on decorating her iced tea shop for its first holiday season, Great-Aunt Fran has decided to run for mayor against her long-time nemesis. But when the other candidate turns up dead just before the first scheduled debate, all eyes turn to Fran as the suspect with the most obvious motive.

Everly knows her sweet, elderly Aunt Fran couldn’t have murdered anyone, but as she struggles to find the real killer, it begins to seem like this may be the last merry Christmas her family may ever have.

Friday: Take a photo of your favorite bookmark!

One of my current reads, as kindly given to me by my favorite bookstore, accompanied by my favorite book mark also from them, The Poisoned Pen.

When Bunnies Go Bad by Clea Simon


Winter is hard in Beauville, where the melting snow can reveal much more than last season’s dead leaves. So when a wealthy, obnoxious tourist and his ski bunny girlfriend surface in Pru Marlowe’s little Berkshire town, she knows she should stay out of their way.

Saturday: Take a photo of your bookshelves!

Currently it’s quite an eclectic collection…


Sunday: Take a photo of a book outside!

I received this advance readers copy and I am looking forward to it. It will be published this fall. I took this photo of the cover outside during the recent pink moon.

The Coast-to-Coast Murders


There’s a killer on the road, and nobody is safe.
Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are siblings who share a terrifying past. Both adopted, and now grown — Michael is a long-haul truck driver, Megan a college student majoring in psychology — they trust each other before anyone else. They’ve had to.

Let me know what books you are currently reading and if you plan on participating in this readathon and what books you would like to read in the comments below!

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