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Happy Independent Bookstore Day! Plus FREE Audiobooks!


I just love visiting bookstores.

I get the same nostalgic feeling I would get when going to Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, or Rent-A to pick out a movie or video game before they all went out of business. With so many books to choose from, I like taking my time browsing each aisle, admiring the covers, and picking up each book to read the back. I even make a point to visit them whenever I travel, like this bookstore I found while attending a conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma last year.

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It would be incredibly sad if all brick-and-mortar bookstores closed their doors and had a going out in much the same way as local video rental stores did. We have already bid farewell to chains such as Hastings and Borders, of which I was so distraught over.

I miss walking around Borders with my Seattle’s Best coffee.

More specifically, a hot, grande, white chocolate mocha with 2 pumps of white chocolate, 1/2 pump of peppermint, topped whipped cream. Enjoying the atmosphere of being surrounded by bounds of papers, each with a written story appealing to my mood and I wanting to read them all.

I watch a YouTube channel called Company Man and it covers the demise and success of businesses. It would be a terrible thing if every last one of the brick-and-mortar bookstores disappeared. I fear for this as online purchases from mega companies (well one in particular) take over a lot of what small business bookstores have to offer. With their unique, local charm, familiar faces, and book recommendations. The camaraderie. Book signings and other fun events.

Having choices and competition is great.

I also love the convenience of online shopping including purchases from my local bookstore via their website, but I want to see them thrive too. I also listen to a fair amount of audiobooks so I wasn’t sure how to balance it all.

There actually is a way to listen to audiobooks while supporting your local bookstore. is an audiobook company where listeners can help to support local bookstores and communities. They keep prices fair to authors and bookstores. In fact your community sees 25% more money with their partnership. Membership price and value is quite comparable to Amazon’s Audible. The selection choice is smaller, but with over 100,000 books and growing, I have been able to find every book I have wanted. I also like the way their website is organized along with their search option features.

And today they’re offering FREE books!

If you join with a membership, you’ll not only be supporting your local bookstore, but you’ll also get 3 audiobooks for the price of 1. That’s 3 audiobooks for $14.99.

Here are a few membership details

  • Supports your local bookstore
  • Over 100,000 audiobooks
  • $14.99 (USD) monthly fee (one audiobook per month)
  • 30% off additional audiobooks and gifted audiobooks
  • Free iOS and Android App
  • Membership credits never expire
  • DRM-Free (listen on multiple devices)
  • Recommendations from independent booksellers

If you are looking for something to read check out:

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I hope you have a wonderful day! Let me know what books you recommend!

Book Blog Books Featured

Happy World Book Day! Let’s Celebrate Together! Plus Free Books!


Happy World Book Day!

What is World Book Day you may ask?

It’s a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. It’s also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books, and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

Check out the World Book Day website. They feature all kinds of activities, reading programs, recommendations, games, videos, contests, book news, and so much more!

Why April 23?

23 April is a symbolic date in world literature. It is the date on which several prominent authors, William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. This date was a natural choice for UNESCO’s General Conference, held in Paris in 1995, to pay a worldwide tribute to books and authors on this date, encouraging everyone to access books – most beautiful invention for sharing ideas beyond the boundaries of humanity space and time as well as the most powerful forces of poverty eradication and peace building.

Did you know today is also Copyright Day?

It sure is! So we have a double celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. Both help to bring recognition to the magical power of books – a link between the past and the future, a bridge between generations and across cultures.

How else can I participate in the celebration of bringing the joy of reading to people all around the world?

Today, Penguin Random House is making a pledge where for every book purchased on their site, Penguin Random House will donate $1 to Worldreader – a non-profit organization that champions digital reading in underserved communities.

Free books display, Somos, The Literary Society of Taos, Taos, New Mexico, USA © 2018 | All rights reserved.

And did you say free books?

It’s true! Amazon is celebrating by offering nine Kindle books from around the world for FREE. Check them out on their celebration page called Read the World. The free downloads are currently available in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India. You don’t have to have a Kindle device in order to download them, just the Kindle app.

Any other book news?

I would also like to let you know about some additional news in the book sector.

Penguin’s First to Read digital galley of not-yet-published books for members is sadly coming to a sunset.

However they have introduced a new reading offering called Penguin Random House Reader Rewards Program. This program allows readers to earn one free book for every 12 PRH titles purchased. Once you join, just enter in the ISBN, date of purchase, retailer, and the order number and you’ll be on your way to earning free books (up to $30 in value)!

It’s currently open to U.S. residents at this time and books need to be entered within 30 days of purchase in order to be qualified. Any format is acceptable whether physical, digital, or audio and must be purchased at a qualifying retailer which includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Penguin Random House, Target, Walmart, or choose the option of other retailer.

With PRH being the international home to nearly 275 editorially and creatively independent publishing imprints/subsidiaries including Vintage Books, Dutton, Crowne Publishing Group, Bantam, Ballantine, Berkley Publishing Group, Putnam, this is a great opportunity for you to read and earn. If you have ever read Little Golden Books such as The Poky Little Puppy, you have read a book under the PRH imprint.

Are looking for a book to read?

Check out a few that I have read. I enjoy all kinds of books, my choices are pretty eclectic. You can see them on my website or by visiting:

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What are YOU currently reading?

What books are you most looking forward to reading in the upcoming months? Let me know in the comments below, I’d also love to hear your book recommendations!

As summer approaches I’m also looking for any suggestions on books with an adventurous maritime theme and cozy mysteries taking place at beach settings. And of course any historical nonfiction, satire, or classic sci-fi because those are my most favorite genres.