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The New Age of Displaying Your Art and Photography

Do you remember back in the day when you had to drop off your roll of film and had to wait a couple days to see if your pictures “turned out?” Original 4×6 prints and scrapbooking were pretty much the only way to appreciate your own artwork. Of course, you could print duplicates.

Now, in a time where almost every image is viewed digitally, I think it’s easy to gloss over a digital photograph and forget that you can print your own work in a much easier fashion and appreciate it in a fresh way.

Last summer I opened up my Redbubble shop. It’s a print-on-demand company celebrating independent artists. My shop has been doing well so far and I’m excited to say that I have finally placed an order featuring my own work. I am very happy with how everything turned out.

I literally could customize the decorating of my own home with whatever image I want, everything from pillows to bathmats, to shower curtains and wall clocks. Perhaps I will. You can check out my work here. I also purchased a few products featuring my sister’s artwork at well. Check out my sister’s work here.

You might remember this photograph, Par for the Course. It was one that was included in my Cece’s Photography Challenge Trees and one that was featured on our One Tree at a Time photography group. I ordered this one as a canvas print to give to my dad and I love how it turned out!

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

Here are what the canvas edges look like. Each canvas is hand stretched and the print wraps around 1/4″ or 6 mm.

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

Here is what the back looks like.

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

Here is the sunset, The Last Tee Time, which won a spot as a featured piece on the Art for Sale Facebook page.

It looks great up on the wall.


Here is a close up of the print in better lighting which shows how the glossy finish and a metallic appearance creates an image with exceptional visual interest and depth.

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

I also really love how my sister’s artwork turned out on the other fun products I ordered.

I got two ruled spiral bound notebooks to journal in. They turned out so gorgeous and cute!

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

And I got a long sleeve t-shirt. Again, so cute! The print is vibrant and of good quality as the image is opaque and crisp. The t-shirt quality itself is also of very good quality. It doesn’t look like the type of pill or fade and is very soft.

Redbubble Haul Autumn 2019 | Erica Robbin

I am so happy with how everything turned out! Why didn’t I do this earlier? And next, custom decor for my living room and bathroom. Sounds so fun!

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and haul of my own (and my sister’s) photography and artwork. Let me know about your thoughts on this change in the photography and art space and if you have every tried a print on demand shop as an artist, I’d be curious to see your work and how your products turned out!

Art & Crafts Featured

New Christmas Paintings

I’ve been busy painting and I’m really enjoying it!

I thought I’d make some cute Christmassy and winter paintings. I decided to upload them to my Redbubble shop so I can share the Christmas and winter holiday spirit with you. They are available as canvas prints and the image can be put on other products such as cards, journals, stickers, and much more!

And today, if you use the code: YOUGET25 you’ll save 25% off EVERYTHING!

Here are my latest paintings, they are both acrylics:

What kind of artistic projects have you been working on? Let me know in comments below!