The Happiest Day of My Life


I had to think about this one. I have had many happy moments in life, and days in general. Sad ones too I was thinking about, even what may have been some of the most saddest days of my life.

So I suppose putting the two together, knowing the happiest day, happiest of decisions, even into the sunset of my life… the saddest moments have not been in vain, because I know I will be welcomed to enter into joy.

How would you describe the happiest day of your life?

<span class="uppercase">Hello, I'm Erica </span>
Hello, I’m Erica

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2 responses to “The Happiest Day of My Life”

  1. Storyteller Avatar

    I can’t find anything written about happiest day, just a photo. Is there meant to be more?

    1. Erica Robbin Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by, I can’t find the photo that I thought I had, I’ll have to update once I do.

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