The Urban Legion by Dave Agans

The Urban Legion by Dave Agans © 2019 | All rights reserved.

What if the Conspiracy concealed its crimes by calling them urban legends?

As organic food critic Lynn Grady savors the duck pâté, a phantom voice invades her head. A stranger appears, blocks the voice with an improvised tin-foil hat, and claims to be an urban legend survivor. Lynn doubts his story. But a surprise attack by armed French waiters plunges her into the Urban Legion’s underground war with a pervasive consumer products conspiracy. As she fights to save her teen daughter from corrupt golfers, taser-packing car salesmen, and her sold-out grunge-star ex-husband, Lynn discovers the sinister purpose behind everyday annoyances.

The Urban Legion puts a new spin on conspiracies and urban legends. Food courts and airport restrooms will never be the same.

The Urban LegionThe Urban Legion by Dave Agans

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so incredibly entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone with a good sense of humor and sense of adventure who is looking for a fun read with a satyrical spin on pop culture, conspiracies, urban legends, human desire, and corporate greed.

The author Dave Agans is a creative and clever writer. The plot and subplots are formulated in such a way that the suspense is maintained, characters remain well-developed, and everything comes together at such a good pace. I loved the story line, it’s hilarious, relevant, and the description are great, it’s one that you’ll want to read straight through. I’ll never look at truffles and mall food the same.


“[Pungent, garlicky bouquet.]
It smelled right. She placed it on the plate and sliced it open. The aroma filled her awareness, and her empty stomach purred with anticipation. She carved off a sliver, noting the properly complex inner structure. She hesitantly placed it on her tongue.
[Silky. Earthy. Hint of linden.]” -Dave Agans

“As a Trail Boy Manual says, intelligent strategy requires strategic intelligence–and we can keep tabs on enemy strategy from the comfort of our living room.”
“By monitoring the news?”
“By monitoring the ads.”
– Dave Agans

“You can fight popular culture, but you can’t be popular at the same time.”
– Dave Agans

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