The Wandering Inn: Volume 1 (The Wandering Inn #1) by Pirateaba

The Wandering Inn: Volume 1 (The Wandering Inn #1) by Pirateaba | Erica Robbin

It’s a bad day when Erin finds herself transported to a fantastical world and nearly gets eaten by a Dragon. She doesn’t belong in a place where monster attacks are a fact of life, and where Humans are one species among many. But she must adapt to her new life. Or die.

In a dangerous world where magic is real and people can level up and gain classes, Erin Solstice must battle somewhat evil Goblins, deadly Rock Crabs, and hungry [Necromancers]. She is no warrior, no mage. Erin Solstice runs an inn.

She’s an [Innkeeper].


This novel is the e-book version of the free web serial. You may read the entire ongoing story at free of charge.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Wandering Inn: Book 1 by Pirateaba

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this so much. Started this 3 years ago, my first web serial, and I didn’t want it to end.

It’s a literary RPG and I’d recommend it to anyone who appreciates the subgenre. It is an easy read, one I could put down and easily pick up again, between other books, at any moment without feeling taken out of it, so I think anyone looking for the same experience will enjoy this one.

The Story and Writing
At over 1,000 pages, I went into it a bit overwhelmed initially, but after reading the first 25 pages, I was no longer worried about rushing my way through or dreading how many pages were left every time I picked it up. Instead, slow and steady was my approach, read like Mark Twain river boat, taking my time to enjoy the scenery, no pressure on myself to move onward with my thoughts toward any other book and no pressure to get it over with within any timeframe. All of which made my reading experience all the more enjoyable.

It’s one that is easy to find pace with no matter the happenings in the book. It’s the consistent structure with variable adventure/setting that makes this ease.

The strength is in its simplicity with adventures about minotaurs and goblins, leveling up, meandering around the countryside, villages, and forests, ultimately returning to The Wandering Inn. Somewhat predictable patterns which made it easy to go in and out of, but enough curious characters and scenario differentiation to keep it interesting.

Funny too.

And there’s more to come which I’m eager to enjoy.

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