Victorian Parlors & Tea Parties by Patricia B. Mitchell

Victorian Parlors & Tea Parties by Patricia B. Mitchell © 2019 | All rights reserved.

“Victorian Parlors and Tea Parties” describes “the tea meal,” especially as practiced in the American home during the Victorian period. Just as the stereotypical Victorian room was deliciously stuffed with furniture and bric-à-brac, so is “Victorian Parlors and Tea Parties,” brimming with engaging information. Researcher/author Patricia B. Mitchell’s descriptions of the decor of the opulent Victorian house with its lustrous wallpaper and rococo furnishings, its beautifully over-adorned exterior, and the well-regulated activities of the mistress are most enjoyable to read.

Victorian Parlors & Tea PartiesVictorian Parlors & Tea Parties by Patricia B. Mitchell

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Loved this! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes to cook, enjoys hosting tea parties, and appreciates learning about history, particularly that of the Victorian era.

The booklet was short and sweet. I liked the way it was organized and incorporated lines of poetry and quotes from the Victorian age. The old-fashioned recipes were wonderful and were often paired with insight about them, as well as norms and etiquette that were quite interesting to read about.

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