What Irritates You About the Home You Live In?


One thing I know of is I’ll never be keen over stairs again. My first home had stairs. Nicely carpeted and split, wasn’t always too much of an issue as the additional effort and exercise was fine, but after people have tumbled and after you realize how less ideal they are for your forever home, and how items indavertently end up waiting to be carried up the next time you go upstairs after novelty has worn off and practicality sets in, stairs are a irritant I will avoid in the future.

Mainly though, is my lack of decorating sense. Not my strong suit. I can never make up my mind where to place things in their final position. So objects end up in their “inspirational place” for much longer than they would be in their final designated space.

How about you, what irritates you about the home you live in?

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Hello, I’m Erica

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