What is the earliest memory you have?


My Earliest Memory

I think my earliest of memories was me carrying around my dolly.

I named her Golada.

She was a soft-bodied doll with a plastic head. I think her hands may have plastic too or maybe they were the soft mitten kind, I can’t quite recall exactly. But her nylon hair was brown, short, and curly. A happy little delicate face, molded cheeks with kind, bright eyes and eyelashes painted on.

Her outfit was a light bluish periwinkle and she had a patch sewn to her chest. The image on the patch was two bells and a pink ribbon joining them. That’s because she had a bell rattle inside her chest. So every time you picked her up and moved her around, this musical brassy ice cream truck sound tinkled out.

I remember specifically in my earliest memory, probably just a little older than toddler age, me carrying her around the yard of someone’s house. I recall tables laid out with items on top of them. It must of been a Saturday since that is when my mother would typically take me with her to visit yard sales around town. They had a chain link fence as was super popular in the day.

I think she came from a yard sale too. She was my favorite and I took her everywhere.

What is your earliest memory?

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  1. issababycreates Avatar

    Awww. I love my doll memories. Good times!

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