What’s on My Music Playlist Right Now?

Lawrence Welk record in old-fashioned record player.

In response to today’s daily prompt, our writing challenge for Bloganuary, I’d like to tell you what’s on my current music playlist.


I do most of my music listening while working, choosing from a variety of playlists as I progress through my exercise routine. I have incredibly broad music tastes.

I love all sorts of artists and genres, everything from Lawrence Welk to Metallica to Enrique Iglesias.

Music is the main thing that gets me pepped up for the day as I complete my workout routine, a starting block.

I don’t like counting reps so I use the length of the song to gauge time, as I don’t keep track of time either.

Morning stretches start out with the likes of:

Nunca Es Suficiente by Los Ángeles Azules, ft. Natalia Lafourcade

Young Turks by Rod Stewart

Pork and Beans by Wheezer

30 minutes of running or the elliptical followed by free weights to songs like:

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar, ft. Lucenzo

No Puedo Olvidarte by Maluma, Nicky Jam

Santeria by Sublime

Heart of Glass by Blondie

King Without A Crown by Matisyahu

1979 by Smashing Pumpkins

Crawling by Linkin Park

Beautiful Disaster by 311

Workout blitzes, where I choose an ongoing set with a single repetitive movement using either free weights at maximum weight or something like calisthenics or crunches the ENTIRE duration of the song:

Everlong by Foo Fighters

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

The Red by Chevelle

Uprising by Muse

Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold

Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones

Electric Love by Børns

I love the feeling of song accomplishment, being sore, feeling tight, and that after burn I get with blitzes. It’s the songs that get me to push through with their strong beat, pace, and rhythm.

End of workout stretching includes something like:

Motif in F Major by Gavin Luke

Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

What’s on your music playlist?

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One response to “What’s on My Music Playlist Right Now?”

  1. Maryanne Avatar

    You have great taste! Three here are standouts that send chills up my spine: 1. Electric Love (Bornes); 2. Young Turks (Rod); and 3. 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)…. When I hear those songs, goosebumps all over my arms, even just thinking of those songs, I get that feeling.

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